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All motorists, especially commercial drivers, can benefit from having an experienced, trusted attorney by their side in court. Since 1968, we've worked hard to build a solid reputation for aggressive but compassionate service. Trust us to be there through any traffic violation.

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Don't let a traffic ticket limit your driving privileges

In some situations, a traffic ticket can mean the end of your legal ability to drive. When you work with Almond and Brady PC, you'll get comprehensive legal support to help protect those rights. We'll fight to keep your driver's license and privileges intact. We'll keep you on the road.

Every criminal charge you face, even minor traffic violations, can have a long-lasting impact on your life. Let our trusted attorneys work to protect your rights.

Traffic violation

Trust us for any traffic matter:

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We provide affordable legal services for any traffic matter.

• DWI and DUI


• Red light camera violations

• Stop sign violations

• Speeding

• No insurance

• Failure to yield to emergency vehicles